YMCA Open Doors

success stories

The goal was to create annual films to showcase various YMCA success stories showing members who have been changed by the YMCA culture, in order to raise money for YMCA scholarships. The end result was a 6 minute video utilized for campaign awareness and social marketing. The video was shared by the regional and national YMCA boards. The 2017 campaign was the most successful, collecting over $1.6 million dollars. 



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GHS Hospitals

Nurses Magnet

Our video brought awareness to the nurses magnet achievement, the gold standard for nursing excellence in the healthcare industry. Nursing quality is one of the primary factors in public perception of a hospital's credibility, and our video raised awareness to the high standard of quality upheld by the Greenville Health System's hospital staff.


YMCA Trainer Tips


Fitness Education

The YMCA Trainer Tips were developed as a series of short 15-second videos with the purpose of quick and effective fitness training.


The Film House IndyGoGo


Series 1 funding campaign

As a small business startup located in Greenville, SC, The Film House needed to create brand exposure for the public from the ground up. Working in conjunction with Filmscape Digital, a series of advertisements and brand awareness media was created. These videos helped bring in thousands of participants to the many public events organized and managed by The Film House.